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Claus Giersch, Portrait in shwarz-weiss

Claus Giersch


restorer/specification walls, technician

After many years of freelance work in the field of building research, further training in conservation technology at the HWT Berlin.

Founder of the Working Group for Restoration and Applied Building History (ARB) to promote interdisciplinary cooperation in the field of restoration/conservation and building research. 

Since 1999: Co-owner of architectural offices in the field of practical monument conservation. 

Member of ICOMOS since 2004 and active member of the German ICOMOS monitoring group since 2012.

Since 2005: Partner in the architectural office Conn und Giersch GbR in Fürth. 

Since 2012: Joint church architect with Marisia Conn at the Great Church of St. Lorenz in Nuremberg.

Since 2021: CEO of Urban Heritage and Monumental Conservation Institute - ISKD (German: Das Freie Institut für nachhaltige Städtebauentwicklung und Konservierungskonzepte in der Denkmalpflege).