About the UHAMC_ISKD

The institute of Urban Heritage and Monumental Conservation gGmbH/ISKD gGmbH was established after more than 30 years of experience with the requirements and outcomes of teaching and practice in preserving historical monuments. It is essential to develop a holistic approach in coordinating various planning and execution trades, as well as documenting and validating the use of materials, methods and their results with the aim to share the work findings with interested parties. The focus here is, among other things, on ecological and economic considerations, taking into account the environment, resource conservation and sustainability.

From the very beginning of the institute's founding, integrating modern digital methods and tools into practical monument preservation and urban planning should be considered as one of the crucial areas of work and research. To effectively document, archive, and process data, it is important to utilize current technologies such as digitization, 2D, and 3D imaging, and to continuously develop them further.

The institute will be a place for networking interdisciplinary specialist knowledge in the field of development, investigation, recording and evaluation of spatial structures. The analysis of the room or the object takes place within all disciplines relevant to building research.

In concrete terms the institute plans to implement and develop activities in the following areas:


  • research and evaluation of subject-specific data, use of digital methods for heritage conservation, further development of database-supported recording and archiving systems; 
  • preparation of integrative reports based on recommendations for action from an interdisciplinary advisory board;
  • accompanying monument preservation project consultation in different stages, including preliminary investigations, data preparation and archiving, subject-specific advice, monitoring of the overall measure, scientific accounting and evaluation of the project at the end;
  • concepts for the preservation and development of the historical building stock;
  • investigations and evaluations of urban planning projects and individual monuments;
  • provision of advice  to authorities, municipalities, churches, and private builders on renovation, repair and conservation technology, preliminary investigations and special reports, archiving and digitizing specialist data, inspection for determining repair, preservation and rehabilitation needs;
  • database provisioning in analog and digital form.


An essential task of the Urban Heritage and Monumental Conservation gGmbH is the communication of work results in teaching and lecture series. The institute aims to collaborate with academic and research institutions both in Germany and internationally and to provide a variety of practical seminars, lectures, conferences,  workshops and summer schools focused on subject-specific areas. Among the goals is also to make available a transparent range of information to the interested public. Thus, the institute not only intents to assist professionals in the restoration and preservation of monuments, but also to spread and multiply gained knowledges.